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Deliver Your Product's Purpose!

We think with you, with conventional research and well beyond!

We take time to understand your business, your product proposition, it's business objectives and Purpose and then what you need. 

Only then do we create the right research methodology, often in a co-collaborative way.

We then support you with bespoke research methodologies across a number of growth/ optimisation areas targeting key stages of a product's life-cycle:
  1. Product Innovation & Renovation (NPD) and Driving Real Purpose
  2. Communicating Product and Purpose
  3. Life-cycle Management & Fit with Purpose

1. Product Innovation & Renovation (NPD)   and Driving Real Purpose

     We’ll be your trusted partner to:

  • Develop and assess new propositions that drive more brand value and deliver more Purpose
  • Think about Behavioural Design and how we can use your product to impact and disrupt routine User behaviour
  • Assess which product innovation or renovation most optimally:
    • Fills unmet needs and/ or gaps in user experiences
    • Overcomes barriers to trial and repeat usage
  • Evaluate multi-sensory product cues and how they drive optimal perceptions for your products
  • Understand where new/ renovated functional packaging can inspire optimal attribute messaging and improved experience
  • Measure the ‘size of the prize’ from your product innovation and renovation
  • Forecast sales volumes and value achievable from 'what if' market scenarios based upon new:
    • Range architecture 
    • Pack & price architecture
    • Product attributes
    • Product claims

2. Communicating Product and Purpose

      We'll be your strategic partner to:

  • Help you develop Brand Purpose/ Master Brand Strategy
  • Uncover the most motivating intervention communications to disrupt routine behaviour
  • Determine the most powerful 'selling lines'
  • Find what are the most optimal product claims
  • Use improved emotional packaging to inspire optimal product messaging and drive brand equity

3. Life-cycle Management & Fit with Purpose 

      We'll think with you to:

  • Assess and optimise the 'Path to Purchase' for your products
  • Disrupt the shopping experience at shelf and in eCommerce in favour of your products
  • Understand end-to-end User Experience (UX) of your products and find opportunity gaps for NPD
  • Uncover most actionable barriers to trial and repeat purchases
  • Determine the most motivating influences and Influencers on the customer journey, and how to utilise them
  • Understand how to influence behaviour change, and nudge consumers to:
    • Usage of your product
    • A new behaviour that benefits your product (such as buying a dishwasher to drive growth in detergent sales)
  • Uncover new trends, behaviours and other opportunities that can drive NPD and/ or expanded Purpose for your products

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